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pervy perkin – mr. gutmann lyrics


[verse 1]
it’s nice to be back
did i ever leave?
i was strolling through the universe
just in case you missed it
everything’s the same
i won’t change if you don’t care

reaching over, falling under

[verse 2]
compromises i can’t comprehend yet
buildings crumbling over this false pretension, please!
get out of my way !

[verse 3]
filling the void with random stuff
such as silly ice kids in the park
or kfc cheese above the spark
tons of tonies’ almonds eaten by
these bl–dy worms, stuck in the sky
are cracking, are crying for you to die
look at me! i’m already free
but ,my brain is empty, so re-peat
(wait and see! , the void is filled
it’s time to wave your hand and say ”hi!”)

[verse 4]
hey guys h-llo, bill here, one more day!
h-llo jessica, morning randall
h-llo captain tiny lil’ c-ck known to everybody as, michael

[verse 5]
well, buddy this is not what i expected, i will never, ever be a man
insecurity detected, point your f-cking finger at me!
what are you going to say (i don’t know yet)
please shut your mouth, don’t say yes (and if i say…)
i think you’re going to fail, again, again
jessica is beyond your reach (i don’t think so)
your mind is suffering a glitch (leave me alone)
rickitipackitipich!, oh no!

so virgin and alone!

going home, today, falling in myself!

[verse 6]
hungry and tired as sh-t, i’m getting home
i should have called my mom to turn the oven on
half toast and a pair of pills will be enough
naps at my living room are way more…

[verse 7]
hey bill, you forgot to leave, your reports on my desk
that means i’m not gonna pay you this month, say thanks motherf-cker
cause i could fire you today, find new work, just in case
you stay here this afternoon til the night, billy you deserve it
i hope you arrive at office before six o’clock
if not, well, you know, you can stay everyday at home

f-ck it!

let’s go, take a little stroll, now, in the park

[verse 8]
d-mn! so you chose the hard way, we’re supposed to be kind to eachother
coworkers, even good pals
f-ck! you chose the cosmic way, now i’m not thinking quite well
tell me a f-cking reason to not tear your f-cking body apart

[verse 9]
i’m not here
he’s not there
we are friends
not anymore
what is that?
strange smile
wink at me
with an eye outside
red fits you well
but my spiral is way cooler

[verse 10]
hey lad welcome to a place far beyond your mind
quite different stars are shining on you, dont hide
stream through the smell of poo , through corners of barf
that blonde girl’s mine , watch out, man you drink it, you die
hahaha just kidding bruh, you look terrified
let me tell you more about, the night, the night

[verse 11]
young boy , we’ll entertain you, the flavour of victory
lies within, if you keep on l1cking l1cking
trust me , follow the party, you’re full of sh-t
buddy, now let your own s-xuality be the true guide

[verse 12]
man, what the heck was that
the strangest sh-t i’ve seen
he was a crazy homeless guy
with nothing good to say
although it’s obvious guys
i’ll emphasize the theme
the story arc is thin and clear
and feelings are quite real

[verse 13]
i don’t know where i’ve being at
this place looks like las vegas
there are some things that i did
i can’t remember well, now…
two pills and i forget that
with whisky and soda, lady
i’m gonna smash this f-cking
slot machine and i will win again

[verse 14]
streaming the night
streaming the dark
streaming the night away
streaming the dark supremacy

[verse 15]
hey boss you forgot to leave your head screwed to your neck
hey girl my place is quite near , enjoy this ultimate flirteum

[verse 16]
lets go take a little pill, take a little pill now
lets go take a little pill at the rave

[verse 17]
good night everybody, welcome to another session of musical conundrum
this new zombie party is the result of your first world problems that no one cares about, let your own s-xuality be the guide
feel free to transcend with the abuse of drugs, i dont give a f-ck
intoxicate, transcend, go ahead!

[verse 18]
we’re in this together man
all you need to do is dance
and inject your fears in vein
rejoice in your sudden end
on your own forever and
insecure to make amends
we won’t care if you dont change
welcome to your cosmic land

dark lightning


[verse 19]
is jessica talking to me!?
oh my, are we gonna squanch today?
my home!?, why?
let’s go

[verse 20]
streaming through rainbows that only appear when it rains
although it’s obvious i’ll emphasize the meaning, i fall

[verse 21]
there’s some order in this cosmic land
there’s an impulse over this false pretension
maybe i learn from today
falling in myself!
awake! awake!

[verse 22]
through all the blue i had to waterfall
and silver in my early morning
today i will not smell red color
sweet glowing green body tomorrow

[verse 23]
well, come on bill it’s time to work all day long
what happened to the girl in bed?, now she’s gone
maybe two more pills will be enough
or maybe could it be
could it be, just a little higher