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peter blegvad – king strut lyrics


king strut was just a baby back in 1951
his howls woke the neighbourhood, they had his parents done
for negligence or cruelty i forget which one
and the state took custody of their sickly son
no one ever dreamed that one day he’d become
king strut

short of temper, highly strung, with a shadow on his lung
king strut flew off the handle if his vanity was stung
he could cut a foe to pieces using nothing but his tongue
and a technical vocabulary vast for one so young
throughout the noisy orphanage his name was widely sung:
king strut

imagination, like a muscle, will increase with exercise
king strut developed his by having dreams and telling lies
he’d describe a situation or a place of merchandise
he could summon it from nothing to appear before your eyes
who was that masked man? why was he in disguise?
king strut

a man without a moral code is just an appetite
king strut was on a diet growing luminous by eating light
he’d left the institution under cover of the night
and was looking for employment, answering to dwight
sleeping in a doorway, minus twenty fahrenheit
his majesty, dwight strut
he sheltered under cardboard, above a subway vent
and one night took in the victim of a suspicious accident
as dawn came up he knew the man’s death was inminent
the man called out a number. king strut asked him what it meant
it meant the man had something valuable he wanted to present
king strut

some say it was a diamond, like the crown+jewel kohinoor
or a talisman empowered by an ancient conjuror
a hot tip or a claim+check, no one knows for sure
all we know is king strut changed, overnight, from being poor
to being an authority, philanthropist, connoisseur
who paid for what he wanted with a simple signature…

he paid to house the homeless. they worked for him to pay their rents
and they recruited others to help spread his influence

a man believes his dreams are real, he’s said to be deranged
his dreams are compensation for the things he cannot change
a man can be in slavery, he doesn’t have to be in chains
he’s waving out the window. the infirmary’s in flames
but instead of crying fire, he pr+nounced the name of names
king strut
he fed a hundred million hungry at his own expense
popes and potentates applied and were denied an audience
“he’s got too d+mn many dollars,” they said, “not enough sense.”
king strut