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philo – stellazeen lyrics



young n-gg- blow the pot in lips like im stewing brewing
wrist game fluent, keep it moving till its sh-t changed
hitting sh-t, death before dishonour i’d die before a n-gg- quit
read about a guy turn the page before you flip the script
read about it, really read about it, you can try and thank it
middle-finger speaking french, please excuse my body language
touch me and communicate, ill feel you when i understand
rub the wrong way, i get the upper hand
bustin can, m-ffling stance watch who you walk into
slippin with your words point a finger to the truth
just know your feet crooked, stand firm on your word
speak, listen, get off up your tippy toes, we don’t do that sneak dissing
seek pension, deep in your speech like we got heat vision
we can never mention defeat long as im free-living
live, love, life, live, life, live, love, life
seen it from a dove’s sight, dreaming be that real drug
fam trying to get you f-cked, screaming that they give a f-ck
coming from a d-ck like s-m-n be your real blood
f-ck a relative say i just let this water drip and save thought
of a n-gg- thinking that he oughtta switch
play a part, in witnessing that harder sh-t, hovering your pain back
whipping in this artistry of slave-thought, brave-heart
listen when you talk with good intentions
you won’t be there for the people when it’s dark be realistic
what the f-cking f-ck, you won’t even bust a slug
let alone crush a bug, f-ck yourself, words ain’t enough to help
well, well, heard about your loss, and i apologize
matter fact you forgot, word about them dollar signs
pondering your buyer home, wish you had a shoulder you could cry upon
ring a b-tch, pick a missed call you can dial on
voice mail tell him “i am gone, you won’t’ die alone”
reason why i zone: i be throwed off
come and take this load of, come and move this rock with me
rock with me, drug dealing sh-t, spin this block with me
say we used to lay-up lay-up, spin a block and drop you off
and smack it on your way-up way-up, bye see you later
you old my crush, heard that you was pregnant, hit your phone up
know you smell that beef and you a cold cut, hold up
you just keep on ringing till that tone done, f-ck you and your soulmate
what happened to your old one, you owed one
well see what happened here, we missed out on trips and sh-t
oopsie bae i mean trust, problem pick your ring up
you volunteer to dedicate then follow your regime up
i just swallowed bottle after bottle to redeem much
product of a dream im convinced your loosing out on
spit it from your mouth and now im drinking from your fountain
word you said, bruise your heel you hurt my head
hope you heal me, im head over heels hoping we elope
i see telling in the way you speak, a gift in every gesture like
never met the type
try to cross your mind looking left and right
and i can’t press the hype and sh-t id rather keep it confidential
you said he left your heart in princess cuts, i see the diamond in you
excuse me miss, tell your n-gg- bow down
ive been talking wreckless for a while now
i can’t get around house premises
michigan you feel as if its down south
bullet lift your kids see my food put your child down
die or be left behind let a weapon fly
we protecting pride, save a breathless heart from a reckless mind
testify tappin on a stove till it burn all my fresh or fry
still i have a soul don’t concern, i will never die
rapping off the dome, till i learn, but your pest a aside
alcoholic tone with a blurred vision
slur word, word life, meet us on that turnpike
we appear see it clear we will see a reup
when it reappear baby won’t you be a dear
and spit about your heart and tell them via fear
this is what you need to hear
f-ck if you impressed
i forgot your doubts, i won’t see your face until i scout your route
its been a while, just know they miserable if they count you out
and that mean n-gg-s holding grudges, let it sink
tell me if im on to something let it sting
i be so ahead of things, fetti on my mint
trying to set a scene
chevy with the tint in my sellasteen
also known as evergreen
she be my careta king
never been a h-lla fiend
we inhaling steam
but that lettuce on bruschetta
mozzarella keep that cheddar green
elaheim, i know n-gg-s married to their wedding rings
moving on to better things do it safe, never seem
food plate, stellazeen
loose faith, get a dream