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phily skeamz – narcos lyrics


me llamo es finago
vato como diablo
él es fuego
spit bricks of yayo
by the lego
play no
get shot like jose cuervo
beg your parton
i don’t bartend
saw your girlfriend
left with her before ten
know how this ends
swimming in her deep end
strong stroking
say have a great weekend
i was chiefing
heavy blue dreaming
about franklins
and my pockets barfing
i wouldn’t offend
smoke by the carton
my tongue sharpened
cause i’m a martian
i just came from the east
played in the streets
this beauty just came from a beast
embers slurring my speech
burn what’s beneath
watch for your feet
bringing the heat
life’s movie have you a seat
shoot the sequel the opening week
this clearly my niche
a danger to beats
no mercy on each
in a storm and
i’m f+ckin mystique
said her x+men are sweet
brown or white
i’m still drinking her neat
fly teach aviation
that hating is motivation
ass augmentation cause inflation
rich n+ggas she was chasing
real and you animation
jump you turnstiles
at metro station
boomin and shaking
felt through the nation
too live and you syndication
gone like vacation
me stopping no indication
put respect on my name
she crept and i came
good neck i don’t claim
effecting on the game
forever remain
on labels i’m hitting the stain
drip like it rain
flow bet it switch the terrane
make hits
when i’m checking my aim
don’t step in my lane
shoot with no shame
3 points for the range
you keep the fame
my crew where the rafters’ll hang
at you neck like a chain
keep dimes gimme my change
phily monster
move like the mafia
draco might pop ya
make you bachata
swim with tilapia
we moved your casa
now under agua
boil impostors
i love how she rolls r’s
raws and cigars
foreign broads
no green cards
that move hard
i’m black tar
these bars
fill ers
beat the charge
then move far
to d.r
f+ck you expect
yes i meant to flex
spitting to excess
not to impress
bound to when i express
i’m too blessed
she easy i’m ruthless
got tex+mex in spandex
b+tch say less
i digress finessed
out your sundress
as i guessed those thighs
hard to digest
don’t be pressed
there no s on my chest
inside her i slide
and chose violence
pie moment of silence
god forgive me
for real moe
this flow from the chocolate city
ask wale yo if finago kidding
i’m ji like sh+tting on em
good like riddance
psych ward admitting
aim at your fitted
no befriending
boy been in from the beginning
that’s how i keep women
its all depending
traits know that she like
cause i don’t fit in
word play silly
ball break your achilles
won’t stop like meek
when he do wheelies
feel like wayne on a no ceilings
so cool it’s chilling
laid back villain
i like forgien hoes
yall got embargoes
wait on me cargo
keep a couples harley quinns
like margot
don’t copy my bar code
or pay the price
don’t haggle with narcos
you thought so

it’s whip magic
it’s whip magic
it’s whip magic
it’s whip

ain’t sh+t change since 2013 yall can sleep on me another decade
i don’t give a f+ck