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pierce pettis – my life of crime lyrics


i have been an outlaw
all my grownup life
just ask my former in-laws
just ask my former wife

living from a suitcase
standing in the rain
you can keep the house, baby
i will keep the change

and there have been some changes
i will testify
still it’s just another chapter in my life of crime
in my life of crime

i have held some people up
i have robbed the stage
with my trusty six-string
i have made them pay

they smile and give me money
they smile and give me praise
i make out like a bandit
then i steal away

to a lonely hideout
that no one can find
making plans for my next caper
in my life of crime
in my life of crime

i chose this life
as much as it chose me
i know i’m an outlaw
but there is honor among thieves

i have seen my posters
hanging on the wall
i have stayed just out of reach
of the long arm of the law

of the law of averages
of the law of fate
i know my days are numbered
the law must be obeyed

and though i stay two steps ahead
he’s just two steps behind
making sure i never rest in my life of crime
in my life of crime

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