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pierre xo – blind lyrics


ufo phonin home, sh+t is stolen
& ur hoe callin back she in motion

b+tch u f+ckin a mother mof+ckin martian
pushin all these hoes in the pit & they moshin
levitate a b+tch, take a cube & i solve it
actin super rude, in the hood like i’m robin

call me the king of the dream
look the rings
rollin & roll on the scene

ring the sirens, f+ck a virus
know what i mean?

underneath dystopia, i’m rollin with no phobias

ain’t scared of sh+t, now i’m on a list
get a grip

manifest a weapon with a tongue
only gun i’m shootin is the one
between my f+ckin gums (brah)

all these hands up in the air
cameras lookin they don’t care
they be starin thru our souls
they use them to fill a hole

money without gold
kids don’t wanna die old
they wanna go to bed
they got too much in their head


creep inside ur mind they try to find
all these ways to weaponize
& turn you blind
& to divide

the real look like a lie
the lie look like the realist cuz they splitting up the village with a message in the ceilin

the sky made out of glass
we in masses, stuck in lower classes
all our money go to motherf+ckin taxes

tell us where the racks, where the cheddar go
while they sittin back, havin jack
grabbin straps & shootin macs

while we isolated split apart
& told to limit conversations
save ourselves from a contagion

f+ck each other up on the basis of our races
blame all our problems to all these other nations

drones comin thru
tellin you
to stay inside
we ain’t made to be this kind
you’ll be safe if you’re blind

safe if you’re blind