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pigface – insemination lyrics


feel ill crouches descending pattern
feeling real crouches descending pattern
light brigade fracture pain and pleasure
left and right cross the street of friction
kill the lights spoken about the traffic changes
(blah?) left behind decided not to follow
these frail speechless find it out again
find it out again
alleviate tradition just to p-ss in someone’s face
regressive lights on to see
on sunlight fade my optic gl-sses on the eyes
crucify her vision impaired
on the images target insemination
all the rituals come back
all the rituals come back
look inside her pocket all money worth used instead of (blah?)
can bring the words dangerous hallucination
forget distrust the man who lives with it
the man who lives with it
cry the kicking bones the hurts rises from the earth-lit bound
down on all fours
no lease love to please on again to recip me
disfunction half-sure for all reorganize another
failing to see the sick and agony disturb motion
a little baby…
motion ripped the bedsheet leaving, rip out womb of bullsh-t
a child died anyway