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pilato – lesawabonse lyrics


bantu ba nzelu, andyford banda
mpeniko amano kaili

this is zambia
ni same na mafia
ama taxes higher
ama salary maya
to survive mu zambia
kusanguka cadre
are you lozi or tonga
they will call you tribal
please give me the bible
ni corruption nation
aah but christian nation

give us beer yeye
we love beer yeye
give us beer yeye
give us iwee give us…

this is zambia
the home copper
but you see how we living now?
but you see how we suffer now?
this is zambia
education is not the key to success
but your political party – yeh!

this is zambia
avic international
run by china
this is silly
who sold a school?
now that’s a fool
scandal pa scandal
scandal pa scandal
scandal pa scandal – uuum iwe!