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pink cream 69 – my darkest hour (european bonus track) lyrics


welcome to reality
the noise without the sound
a wicked silhouette i see
that follows on the ground

peel off my shedding skin
unleash the demons in my head
look at the state i’m in
how can i get away?

in my darkest hour
i hide behind the shadows of the night
i pray that the fear won’t last – forever more

in my darkest hour
my heartbeat echoes through these heavy walls
a sparkle (of hope) is all i ask-
to guide me through this darkest hour

-n-lyzing constantly
searching for a cure
this ailing has control of me
it’s more than i can endure

just like a loaded gun
i’m c-cked and ready to explode
this shot can’t be undone
i’ve got to get away!

the lights are slowly fading
and there’s nowhere left to go
i crawl into my sanctuary down below