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pink dollaz – im tasty lyrics


can can i get a lick
jhawk jhawk jhawk productions

ce ce
i stay on my task like a stay with such cl-ss im not
much a -ss but the n-gg- gimme cash cuz my flava is
tropical lips is phenomenal little d-cks gotta go my
swagg is no kinda hoe yea ima cold hearted chick i
gotta be specially in the streets and sh-t so f-ck you
literally and come and eat my sh-t and cut the chitta
chat cuz you bet not miss a lick

thick b-tch and she answer to mocha my p-ssy stay wet
and its tighter than a choker its real good n-gg- i
know you wanna taste lay on ya back while i c-m in yo
face. what the f-ck i look like turning down some head,
n-gg- tell me where you want it on the floor or the
bed? bust one nut i ain’t done i got more to c-m p-ssy
so good and it taste like a hunny bun

pink dollllllaaaazzz
and we run that sh-t

cammy b.
ya n-gg- say im tasty ask can he get a lick put ya
tongue down here and make it roll on my t-ts. suck on
my sh-t wit a mouth full of ice roll ya tongue and hit
the spot like you was playing with dice. i tell you
what ima let you f-ck me open yo mouth but dont get to
comfy he say cammy b baby you so sweet yea i know next
round yea you in for a treat

just the thought of you f-ckin me make you loose your
mind instant insanity taste so sweet scream my aim
nilla so sweet taking ova the game kiss kiss on my
sweet p-ssy lips im tasty wanna toot my sh-t i even go
both ways…..p-ssy wetter than a pool b-tch

say hoe its reese trick bad brown skin chick all over
ya d-ck c-min on n-gg-s i have no shame no love no time
for you f-ckin lames. receiving head from a b-tch with
a master tounge now kick back and watch the master c-m
yea im tasty on the beat wet jolly rancher rolling down
ya knee

its jj better known as a freak tasty lil girl i get
money by the week ya n-gg- gimme head cuz he like it
bitter sweet put my -ss in the air watch him make it go
deep pretty -ss face wanna kiss these lips choke on my
cl-t watch me c-m real quick s-x unforgettable yea i
work miracles… tasty