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pink – is it love lyrics


is it love

is it love, or just a curse
do you feel good when i hurt
i need your heart to open up
if this love’s not real, then it’s just my luck

mommy help me, i need your help
this little boy, he took my love
and he says these things that make my body pump up
but then he runs leavin me un-done
and i don’t understand
for s-x he said he’d be my man

daddy listen, i gave it up
i’m not your little girl
my cherry, and all the trust is missing
but please listen, what do i do
i know you wanna hurt him
but i like what he do, he’s only doin what you used to

you never told me bout the birds and the bees
or bout hide n’ go seek or what he gets when he finds me
the biggest mistakes in the choices i make
won’t you help me decide, what’s goin down in my mind

that thing you’re puttin on me
has got me so confused
won’t somebody help me, tell me what should i do
in my heart it feels so good, is it just a curse
will it get better, or will it get worse