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piss boi – piss star (ft. t rell smith) lyrics


[verse: p#ss boi]
i got theses trannys s#x trafficking
i blow my bro t rell he an african
my n#gga was doing no fap and got colon cancer
yall n#ggas look goofy with colon cancer
no h0m# but i’m smoking on the s#m#n
look at myself in the mirror gotta get out the demons
what do you get when you mix p#ss, sh#t, and cum
you get the products of late stage capitalism
and p#ss gang trying to abolish capitalism
tried to smoke my ass out but i ran out of swisher’s
i just bust a nut to your b#tches baby pictures
f#cked on your b#tch
turns out your b#tch is my sister
i done got burned by so many b#tches i done turned into an incel watching the joker feeling like an incel
if you ain’t popping perc 30 don’t talk to me
about to switch up the beat like a tranny!

[verse: t rell smith]
man we spreading aids like chicken poxs
mikey zender sucking on my monkey nuts
i’m going in on my bros little monkey b#tts
you know we smoking on the dog sh#t everyday
west side, f#ck east side we ride all my life
been around crime and homicide
ever since the surgery
doc been giving me, perc 30
smoking on some sh#t you ain’t ever heard about
what a black man gotta do to get out, of a jail cell
oo oo ah ah, bout to raise some h#ll
p#ss star yeah i’m p#ssing better on this sh#t
this is the life story of t rell smith
one to the left one to the right
hey hey hey i’m alright

[verse 2: p#ss boi & t rell smith]
p#ssism ima bout to start a new religion
just f#cked a fat ass dude named tristan
one time me and my bros were at the skate park and there was a narc
so we followed him into kroger
beat the sh#t out of him while he was eating his yogurt
he turned out to not be a narc after all oops our bad
i just got p#ss on my vans bro
i just switched up my gender like nintendo
beat up a weird white kid he shot up p#ssmart!
i can’t wait to tell you guys the black friday scam to do at p#ss mart
feeling like a beta male about to go watch some p#rn
sometimes i wish i was never born
ima bout to load up the chamber and shoot myself in the head
ima drink anti freeze and go to bed
100k in student loans about to jump off the edge
tie a noose around my neck and jump off the ledge
slash at my wrist till i bleed out
beat the f#ck out of my head till my skull pops out
do black tar heroin till i have a seizure
suicide by cop cause a misdemeanor
beat an officers ass and k!ll him
beat the sh#t out of an officer and p#ss on him!