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plasmarifle – haunted by the ghost of a dead actress lyrics


like a perfect vision captured in time,
you’re all the inspiration i need
wisp, your presence, entwine with mine,
you’ve been burning in my heart.

you’re elusive, you’ve been avoiding me.
you’re a ghost, a vision still haunting me.

the consensus is that i’m hallucinating,
though most have heard you creaking and moaning.
having you float above me inaudibly accusing,
won’t do half as much as your memory glowing.
i say, you are the greatest source of joy and pain.

calibrate my emotions for a woman that’s only half there.
my ambitions, fully committed to pleasing only you.

though they do not see you, i know you’re there,
a cold breeze tingles the back of my neck,
when (if ever) you decide to show your face.
your gaze renders me aloof to the cares of this world.
your translucent radiance warms my dead soul,
as you seek to obtain my eyes alone.
for no one knows of our secret bond,
i beseech you my love, would you be mine?