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poetic mind – never falling down lyrics


[verse: pm]

i said that i would quit, but here i am i’m back now
all these rappers sh-t, and they should really back down
i’m ready to attack now, ready just to lash out
their souls is what they offering
but mine i keep on top of it
grinding till my coffin, tony hawk and sh-t
stab me while i’m walking, but i got a tomahawk that’ll split
and if you want a piece of mine?
i will give you a peace of mind
knowledge through my metaphors
hopefully they’re better for more then just to settle scores
hopefully my destiny will let me be
someone that i’m proud to see
an i will never fall in deep, even if that’s what they seek
i will always keep it me because i won’t never fall -down-

[verse: pm]

even if i fell you would know what i stand for
plan for the future & my son that’s my land floor
as a man i understand my upper hand
cuz that’s why i’m here for
not even just to diss more
they talking sh-t on discord
why you really is sore?
instead of all the hate, i hope that you just grow more
we could just create, for growth or
go our separate ways with no war
i’m sick of all the past beef, anger will not have me
praying for enemies, i hope that they’re happy
and if you turn on me, i will do the same so glady
i hope that you stand proudly, instead of falling -down-