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poncho blazin atm – until the end (america’s song) lyrics


intro: in the land of the home and brave

chorus: oh united we stand, divided we fall until the end

(poncho) – until the enddddd

chorus: forever yea, in the usa we thank god for our freedom

(poncho) – for our freedom

chorus: forever yea, we live for peace and justice until the end

(poncho) – until the endddd

(poncho) verse: in this great world we feel so great, we feel so blessed and we p-ss the test, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, as long as you’re fighting that’s all that matters

(poncho) – oh we live so greatly and then we got to die, but just hold on change is coming and everything will be just fine

chorus: oh united we stand divided we fall until the end

(poncho) – until the end, oh yea oh yeaaaaaa