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porcupine tree – nine cats lyrics


“nine cats”

[lyrics: alan duffy / music: steven wilson]

the b-tterfly sailed on the breeze
past a field of barbed wire trees
where golden dragons chased around
pampered poppies on the ground
two silver trout sat way on high
and watched a royal samurai
plant two black orchids in a box
and strap it to a laughing fox
a minstrel bought a crooked spoon
he gave it to a blue baboon
who filled it full of virgin snow
and watched it in the afterglow

fat toad stood in his ballet shoes
teaching sixteen kangaroos
how to skip across a lake
they found it hard to stay awake
a pharaoh played a merry tune
and watched nine cats dance on the moon
i didn’t know what all this meant
i didn’t know why i’d been sent.

the insignificance version of nine cats has the
following additional verse at the end:

i threw 5 clocks down on my bed
the chimes danced out on golden threads
and turned to footprints on my wall
sequined tears began to fall