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prince predator – preddyplease lyrics


no more half measures. i’m past present
this flask’s nectar has got this devil’s foot on the gas pedal
i’m ash ketchum ready to commence my next adventure
bad weather won’t hinder my attempts to amass treasure

i’m jack skelly for a purpose i fiend ’cause
there’s gotta be more to this h+ll than the next halloween
pumpkin king, but i’m f+cking christmas up in between, because
i’m oh so tired of the same old thing
preddy please

a stalwart proponent of trickery
head boy at hogwarts school of witchcraft and n+ggardry
with wicked ease i cloak my image in mystery
mask all my deficiencies, and if you disagree

i’m past caring. infected with compassion fatigue
i pass karen, but she don’t like seeing blacks in the streets
got bad hearing, so i was not aware of the sirens when them
tyrants rolled up behind me to enact a new violence

preddy please

you hue+less hooligans can’t handle the truth
by your actions and views i am not wholly amused
i’ll be the first to admit i’m not the holiest dude
and perhaps my antics stem from being the loneliest fool, ’cause truth

all i want in this life is someone to snack with
a fine studious activist with a thick gluteus maximus
so smooth and gelatinous, that i can see the waves
ripple through that sundress on a bright summer’s day

preddy please
a good personality can be quite hot
but i care more about the fact that you
accumulate fat in the right spots
that might not be the best mentality, fair
but the “his airness” of self awareness
admits when he is errant, please

so now i’m out with a wh0re whose views are distorted
got trypophobia, she hate all the n+ggas that’s poorest (porous)
tainted by a digital dystopia, navel shaped like a coin slot
with new tits straight equipped from the build+a+b+tch workshop

preddy please

them areolas still tasty like cherry cola
stroke ’em slowly as your walls grow goo (grogu) like baby yoda
she’s past moist, i’d say more wetter than a blastoise
mad noise, while howling expletives in a brash voice

she’s close now and she’s asking me to speed up
i think i’m catching feelings, it’s the curse of being a dreamer
asked her be my valentine, she just wanted me to skeet her (skeeter)
skeet on her then skedaddle and retreat into the shadows

preddy please
and a thanks for letting me speak free
cheddar cheese in the bank so i can achieve peace and better sleep
if prince is the guy, then pred is the vibe
a marriage of the disguise and the sublime

even though i tried to k!ll me by burying all of my realest thoughts
i’m still me after all of these layers of building up so feel me
they nappin’ on a n+gga but i’m playing for keeps
i’ll let ’em sleep because it’s me haunting their dreams

preddy please