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prohject – the intro lyrics


[verse: prohject]

why do i feel like these motherf+ckers ain’t the same
like they dont know to what extent i know the game
like they dont really know the hard truth of what it takes
they just do this sh+t for fun, i dont view it in that way
who really in this underground you gonna match me to
man thats funny speaking of it they got attitude
aye yung native dont you remember what you said you’d do?
that was stupid bro dont worry i ain’t mad at you
ayo maxxkii you still claiming you a florida jit?
i dont hide that im from oklahoma gotta represent
i dont have those types of problems cuz im heaven sent
or so it seems cuz all these rappers now are deficient
and nowhere am i saying that im innocent
im just saying i dont go out saying ignant sh+t
and i dont go out causing problems on some little sh+t
and ill never cut off family for my benefit
ima always tell it how it is
i can’t be the one to feed in anybodys sh+t
i can’t be the one to just let anybody critique
always got a problem so i never wanna hear it
when i go pick up know rob gon follow in a buick
and i know fasho that ima see im in the mirror
when i dropped my first song i almost dropped a tear
told my momma take my word its only up from here
and i ain’t stopping now man im dropping every season
ima put the pressure on these boys till they ain’t breathing
got alot to prove and i dont wanna call a treason
always thinking bout the next move never stop scheming