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project 86 – above the desert sea lyrics


above the desert sea

eyes ablaze
the knife held high above your
head is framed against the constellations
while my back is splayed upon this altar
might you just reveal where this is headed?

i brought you to this pinnacle
the height above the desert sea
to wash away the blemishes
in burning holy offering

i know you came from me
your blood is in these veins
i know you came from me
there can be no other way

yes, relent, transcend
reverse this madness
call to mind the curse
the pain that’s promised
search within and admit
you cannot do this
wait, reflect, recall
when she was barren?

you, my only progeny
my tears may never ever cease
i long to give you sweet release
but i cannot disobey

stay your steel and sheath the dagger
you have shown this day
belief beyond your reason
gaze above and count
those lights, my heavens
you gave his life
your wage is endless
to trust is to obey