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psychonaut 4 – bad lyrics


everything moves, changes color and shapes.
i hope to find answers in an acid slough.
but i failed the task, my subconscious

let me down.
and now i’m alone, entangled in the chains of my own fears,
captive visios. each of them is worse than another.
bloodthirsty block. headless sage.
keeps his head in hands
and feed dead birds his wisdom
do not hear my screams.
horrible noise pierces through my body.
this is my own heavy breathing.
i’m at a funeral, i realized.
i realized this is my own funeral.
there’s the grave, and over there i’m in a coffin.
i realized this at once. what have i done? why?
what have i done? i really died, or am i dreaming?
my mind can not sustain all this
my nerves are about to give out. we must end this horror quicker
i have urgently shoot my head
all my fears will be out, together with my brain.