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public enemy – i shall not be moved lyrics


i shall not be moved

say what you oughta
world outta order
paid the cost father time ain’t never lost
the boss
yall ain’t heard it
i work it
the senior circuit
see some quit it
cuz they don’t get it
fire music
my aim is
forget what my name is
yeah i ain’t famous to be famous
remember troy davis
clive davis
swarming to your art form
cuz there’s a party goin on
hotel motel i’m goin in
don’t care what they spent
cant prevent the event
some run to it
shun from it
been through it
still rock to it
i sue ive been sued dude
with this news fit to spit
and the beat goes on


never bitter but better
backed by the fact
all i got is my word
the new curse word is black
say the test
is being at your best
the curse
is livin at your worst
crawling like a maggot outta they mind
faster than a go go 45
sh-t is live, survive
high with out a gottd-mn reason why basketball wives
ain’t really wives
birds droppin out ff the sky
and yall google why?

i shall not be moved

feel the people
heal the people
need the people
so heed the people
help the homeless
stop the feds
leavin people
left for dead
wheres your groove?
check your heads
i shall not not be moved
i shall not be moved
uh come on.

drive by trucker i play it loud motherf-cker
use it don’t abuse it the voice gets rougher
shout my vocals i salute all the locals
slept on kept them out of radio focus
hocus pocus spooks sitting by the sound
corporations dictate what goin down
local acts i got your back
underground make em run till its dark
run em out of town
they got me started where i start?
cause i do it to support the art
what good is learnin from some record
when yall only listen to 15 seconds?