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paradox – nothingness lyrics


collapse of existence energy and force
unformity no detectable source
elimination of sp-ce universe and matter
illusions of the universe – scattered

returning to nothingness
revolving into unbeingness
expansion and contraction
evolving out of nothingness
constructing somethingness
expansion and contraction to existence

everything is spinning moving in action
mikroscope elements each one a universe
in constant expasion and contraction
and just when it’s over it all starts again

no thing beginning
nothing at the end
evolution spinning
we cannot comprehend
the beginning of nothing
nothing at the end
universal mystery

sp-ce is defined through absence of matter
matter is defined by absence of sp-ce
the illusion of a final end is shatyered
infinity is in every element on every place

the human unability to perceive infinity
to recognize there is no finality
every single action serves only one purpose
to create one total uniformity

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