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parasitic ejaculation – impalement neurosis lyrics

rampage with tools of torture, to impale the unlucky
violently forcing objects into random innocents

slaughtering fueled by a mixture of potent stimulants

stabbing, splattering, showers of blood encomp-ss me
i hear your plea, no one can stop this suffering

blunt objects break through flesh
shattering bones like sticks
bodies like pin cushions
poles and knives lodged within

stalking my next victim
through a dark alley way

strike them down, knock the out
and begin impalement
feeling steel sinking in
brings me great fulfillment

my victim’s blood floods don the
streets of this darkened twon

a moat
between me
and my insecurity

savagely mutilating
possessed, hallucinating

inherently coerced
by a impalement neurosis

brain matter splatters, staining me with tissue
post-mortem hacking gruesome fury fur ensues
pulping the body, filthy acts of cruelty
gruel fills my stomach, what an act of beauty

- parasitic ejaculation lyrics

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