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perspectives – beauty & acceptance lyrics


tear your eyes from your head, and look from the outside in. look where you have been. see all the things you saw. but now you only see, what they want you too. its like there’s a f-cking monster… like there’s a monster in you

i’ll skin myself and make you watch, to realise, we are all lost. and i’ll show you the cost, of hanging yourself, on that cross

this isn’t about reflections, and seeing your imperfections. but its about acceptance. not a pre-tense of perfect, but of balance. of absence and brilliance. i can’t handle this, i know i can’t handle this

no reflections, no imperfections. this isn’t perfect but its balance. beauty and acceptance

i can’t handle this, there is no chance of peace, not till you put to rest, the beast that bested me. and you, i can’t handle this, i can’t hold true. i can’t find you

when will you see how you feel, affects me.when will you see yourself, and be.when will you be, happy.when will you see how you feel, affects me

when will you be, free

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