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pink angel – was it worth it lyrics


when i first layed my eyes on you
i saw how beautiful you looked
beautiful hazel eyes
dirty blonde hair
and those headphone’s and black and blue jacket you always wore
i knew right then and there i just had to have you
i walked past you a couple of times
i noticed you but you never noticed me
i asked myself “why”
i really wanted to have a chance with you
and then..
i saw you talking to a friend of mine
i went up to him and asked him what your name
he told me it was matt
i asked him about you
and i told him to tell you i was interested
chorus: he is my golden angel
he sparkles when he walks
he always has a smile
he has a special place in my heart
now my heart is as hard as gold
later on, couple of days later
i received a phone call from my friend
he told me matt was interested and we all planned to do something for v-day
plans got messed up
it’s a little thing called cvs
but in the end things worked out great
i am with matt now
we are great together
he is the sweetest thing that ever happened to me
i love him more then anything
and i pray to god that he feels the same way too
which i know he does
chorus: ( 3x)

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