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plies lyrics lyrics

[intro (sample from the sopranos clip): christopher moltisanti & bakery worker]
what is it? what is it? do i look like a p-ssy to you?
i’m serious. be honest. i won’t get mad
no. so why the f-ck would you give me a hard time and talk to me like i’m nothing to worry about?
i-i-i’m sorry
next time you see my face, show some respect
i will
-christopher moltisanti shoots worker’s foot-
you motherf-cker! you shot my foot!
it happens
oh, you f-cking -sshole!

100% real n-gg-, dog
it’s self-explanatory, my n-gg-
it don’t get no realer than this one here, homie
i ain’t one of these n-gg-s you’re listening to, dog
and ain’t ’bout what i’m motherf-cking rapping ’bout, dog
if i ain’t live it, n-gg-, i don’t put it in my music, dog
if i don’t own it, n-gg-, i don’t speak on it, dog
if i’ma give it to you, i’ma give it to you one motherf-cking way, dog
and that’s straight off the key, n-gg-
uncut, dog
100% motherf-cking real n-gg-, dog
i’m certified, n-gg-

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