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pope troy – the trailor part ii (houghton state of mind) lyrics


[verse 1]

i’m cruising through the city over-time
and this marijuana drifting see you on
the other side… (alright! )
bye-bye and that’s like saying good night
this is my houghton state of mind
never mind if you can’t read
between the lines
have another line and take
you’re f-cking time and hope and f-cking pray
that jesus christ might save your life
and if satan is alive he’s a pr-ck and he won’t
get my soul i pray he resurrects so i can turn
he’s body cold


[verse 2]

n-gg- get you’re money from your louie bag
call all you’re n-gg-‘s pray it make a difference
i’m going hostile…
n-gg- take cover from a good distance
i’ll run you over like you should of missed it
you n-gg-s had all the game time… the fame time
all that pathetic coming late time
embrace i cause i respect time
and this time i’m cracking the whip
in you’re face b-tch like a racist

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