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press play – let’s dance lyrics

i’m feelin’ like today is the day
every word you say, i’ll be okay
i feel your light shinin’ on me
and i’m feelin’ free,
how can it be?

cause everything that’s happened today
just let it all fall away
now my heart is here to believe
that you and i can be free

you can dance if you wanna
sing a little louder
let the music move you, and dance, dance
dream a little bigger
love a little stronger
heart is beatin’ faster, let’s dance, dance

it’s like it’s just you and me
i can feel your love ever-surrounding me
there’s nothin’ i cannot be
with your love shinin’ down from above

dance, dance… because you know you’re free
dream, dream… be all you wanna be

- press play lyrics

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