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prince – goldnigga pt. 3 lyrics

(please stop!) {sample repeats in song}

tony, yo, what’s… what’s up, b-tch? oh sh-t, n-gg-
i haven’t see u since high school about 10 years, roy
yeah, ah man, been [here and there]
u lookin’ good though man
yeah, u 2 man, u lookin’…
hey yo, would u check this out?
would u help a brother out, man?
i’m kinda in a spot, u know what i mean?
ah man, i got little change, what u need a little 10, 15 or somethin’, man
got myself…. yo yo
actually, i could use a bone since u pullin’ that out, u know
yo man, i ain’t seen u in about 10 years, what’s up with that homeboy?

yo, so as i fade
i send a shout out 2 all my brothers lookin’ 4 the hand-out
u know we gots 2 get paid
but check it out

ah, be your own man, yeah
come on, ah, be your own man
yeah, u got 2 be your own man, yeah

big up goldn-gg-z

- prince lyrics

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