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prince – i wonder lyrics

a gust of southern wind came and took my girl away from me
now my tears could fill an ocean, my tears could fill a sea
i wonder if she thinks about me, i wonder

many women come and go, they say my heart’s uncarin’ (uncarin’)
maybe they don’t hold me like she does (no they don’t!)
no, it’s unbearable
i wonder if she knows that i’ve turned down their hug and kissin’
cuz it’s her that i’m missin’
i wonder if she really knows, i wonder

i wonder if she knows how much i love her
i wonder if she knows how much i need her face around
i wonder if she cares about me, i wonder

well, go on and get it one time
well, well, well, well

maybe she’ll come on monday, then again maybe not
maybe she’ll let me get her excited, get her sweaty, get her hot
i wonder if i’ll finally do what i’ve been dreamin’ so long
i wonder if she knows that she is makin’ love so strong (so strong)

i wonder what ground’s below her, i wonder what sky’s above
i wonder if she knows how much i extra absolutely, so complete and sweetly love her
i wonder if she knows how much i love her, i wonder

all the other girls i know are dumb, dumber than a post
but my girl knows everything (everything), i’m the king so i need 2 boast
still i wonder if she’ll really ever know (i wonder if she knows)

chorus {x2)

- prince lyrics

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