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proffit – northern lights lyrics


lights, northern lights, reppin minnesota ice, lights
northern lights

[verse one]

the place where i’ve been growing up
no one here
ever f-cking shows me love
whatevs, i guess i just don’t give a f-ck
maybe i’m trying to hard
maybe i’m not trying enough
all i get is grief
goals i’ve set i have yet to achieve
should i leave?
fly away faster than running from police
but i’m stuck like quicksand up to f-cking knees
imma hide in cold evergreens
live in trees, like squirrels and bees
camouflage so no one sees, sights
open eyes
in the northern sky
blending in northern lights
i’m just trying to fly
but i only trust i
there’s way to many reasons why

lights, northern lights,reppin minnesota ice, northern lights such a beautiful sight, northern lights

[verse 2]

snowflakes for every mistake i made
but this year there ain’t snow
so there’s hope
that i did it right this time
in the years past, i only saw hate guess i was so blind
now i got so much ice i slip and fall
i wish
i call for help
burning in h-ll
fire sensation
north is sane while all these other places tainted
so hard not to get sucked into all these youngins getting faded
these other rappers shady
grinding no one makes it
in the northern sky
where i lye, yeah
let me tell you i am fly


look around
listen hear it?
that’s the sound
of work
no time for lounging around
we hurt
murder murk
any beat beat beat
we speak speak speak
my mind
i shine
same days that i grind
till i find the money
or something worth a dime
i chime
my opinion
still in this sh-t killion
till i get them f-cking billions
ah ah ah

- proffit lyrics

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