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queen kona – the provenance lyrics


do you really believe what they say?
these structures were not made by a man or machine!
something helped them fulfill their destinies.

picture perfect, every corner.
every edge so beautifully defined.
how could one construct this without technology?

i refuse to believe you.
even we, so advanced, could not mimic these creations.

is it possible? engineered? reversed?
rapid increase could not all be done just from the minds of men.
lies we are fed since day one.
what is their mission? why are they here?

will you just listen to my interpretation?
that is not what happened.
the visitors were their “gods”.

all these myths make sense.
the pieces are together, once again.
they worshipped beings not of this
world because they actually met them.

can’t you see?
why build triangular structures?
we were forced to build them!

the lord is right, and so is his book.
but it is not the fire that will k!ll us.
it will just be them.
they asked us to build pyramids and now this is the end.

we were doomed from the start!
the desecration of the universe.