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quentin ford – spin around lyrics


[verse 1: quentin ford]
hey, i got a new and it’s going to be so fun (it’s gonna be so fun)
i gotta tell you how we’re going to make a run (gonna make a run)
hold on, wait a second, i’m getting ready to go for mine
it’s gotta work now, this is going to take some time (yeah, yeah)

[pre+chorus: quentin ford]
it doesn’t matter if it’s rain or sun
’cause we’re gonna get going on the count of one (3, 2, 1)

[chorus: quentin ford, anna tomlinson & ellie wuebker]
spin around (spin around)
we’re shaking the ground (spin around)
get your hearts, we’re gonna go around the sound
just spin around (spin around, spin around)
spin around (spin around)
take it to the clouds
i’m getting dizzy, it’s time to get going
just spin around (spin around, spin around)