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quiescent flux – the lake lyrics


edited by a-lex cano 15 hours ago

. . .
as the moon shines above, there he stands
at the skirts of the lake, the man in white
began the whirlwind as if a storm came
a song they sing for him, to whom they pray
at night
. . .
tonight the sky is clear, the stars are brighter
and the broken voices fuse with him
as the time seems to stop, he stands for us no more
someone has reached being god, a mortal man

[the stories of the lake
are different every time
but still remain the same
for they are always one
the tragic scene
of the human mind deceased
has begun the day
when man became god]
. . . solo. . .

the light was gone at last, like everytime in the past
all that remained that day was the lake, the only witness
. . .

. . .
the stories are the same, no matter what
you can not change the past, unless you are god
to reach the heavens you need to die on earth
and find the lake where he achieved his dream