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quillz – b.l.a.b. freestyle lyrics


(verse 1)
it be q-u-i- double ll cool in some fresh j’s/
snapback & tattoos rays bans on my face/
balling on these n-ggas looking like dwayne wade/
stay w/ that heat all a n-gga do is spit flames/
back w/ vengeance n-ggas better pay attention/
cause a n-gga on mission out to get get get it/
man gone check the score i’m winning i’m winning/
you hear my sneakers sweaking err bucket swishing/
applying heavy pressure h-ll naw i ain’t letting up/
tell these wack rappers they better step the game up/
still the same n-gga but i rearranged my game up/
grinding to max man i’m all way turned up/
turned up turned up you gon hate me now/
but it don’t matter cause i won’t stop now/
should had been like that but f-ck it i’m on it now/
suggest ride upon the wavve or you bound to drown/

(verse 2)
ok i took off then fell off..back where i left off/
now i’m up all night.. wale no days off/
ask me i was better off..cause i came back way strong/
took time to see what was going on.. what it was i doing wrong/
how bout it how bout it you can’t tell me sh-t/
cause i’m balling i’m balling i’m balling like a b-tch/
snapback snapback naw i ain’t fitted/
dream k!llers dream k!llers i don’t never sleep again/
when you dreaming, you chilled & chill don’t pay the bills/
so i’m a another hungry young trying come up on a mill/
seeing how i’m going man i know that will/
make sure everybody know what my name is quillz/
so don’t count me out, count me in.. all in, all or nothing/
i want it super bad super bad mcloving/
i’m so serious real tlk real tlk no bluffing/
you catch me in everything on everything like a nuisance