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quincelu – used to it lyrics



d-mn what happened last night?…im tripping
let me try and remember what i did
gota retrace my steps, uhh, alright

[verse 1: quince]
im sliding out with my freshness, t-shirt that say young and reckless
jocking me but why hate, let me live my own way
let me live my own way, we turning up we yelling wasup
its rip, young jeeezy the club, thats what we say before we begin
and now…
im taking off, on this thing
im focused on my instincts
no regrets, just mistakes
im living life and doing me
im thinking if
im scheming with
figuring, im sipping it
the drink has hit
im loosing it
but i gota get it back regain my consciousness
cause the henney got me looking at the ugliest
where my people im mistepping my prerogative
when you faded like this the world is opposite
everybody’s trippy pressure got you siding with
liquor in the system, so you know i gota chug it in
i’m a lightweight, but i get the livest quick
homies blacked out
girls are vomitting
and we wake up feeling like a piece of sh-t

its alright though, cause we do it every night
so…uhhh, you know
im used to it by now…
haha, so…uhh we do it again tomorrow?
yea! alright

[verse 2: quince]
another day…
another night
another way to experience life
chilling with the crew, while they on bamboo
after vining past the afternoon
when the hour comes, for the c0ke and rum
man, im k!lling em, till the bottles done
then i freshen up, bona take a few
then i walk out looking like i drank the juice
man i don’t give a f-ck its just what i do
imma live today, worry when i choose
tell the haters hey!
s-xy ladies lay
all over on my bed like my name was hugh
im a cool -ss dude, and i pack a few
punchlines that connect more than a boxer do
im allergic to the bs that you always spew
yea you heard me right, i just sneezed at you! (sneeze)

achu!!! or at you?
imma just let it play now, let it ride you know…