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r.e.a.l  music – mahogany (prod. njo) lyrics


i’m very important, i have many leather-bound books
and my apartment smells of rich mahogany

[dee gunnz]
if i ever left, i’m proud to be back
if i’m different from ya’ll, i’m proud to be that
if this is your last call, ain’t no calling me back
my skin light as f-ck, but i’m proud to be black
if you didn’t know let me tell you the r.e.a.l is here
hunting down the bucks similar to shooting deer
only hearing loud cheers whenever we spit rhymes
c-dub, dee gunnz k!lling it another time
[dee gunnz]
-ssuming livings of audemar, bently, and necklace
but on the real misconception’s the biggest deception
and we just want the reverse effects of recession
we’re going for the change like obama’s election
check the campaign, winning every d-mn game
r to the m b-tch you better know the d-mn name
champagne, hand shakes, feeling like an airplane
n-gga i’m a beast and i’m breaking out of the d-mn cage
[dee gunnz]
they hate your intellect, till you’re proven in sk!ll
they inquire the genre, we say the music’s r.e.a.l
feel like that we’re the answer, what you been asking for
i swear that this is it, michael’s finale tour
traveling around the world, seeing sites, unravel girls
bron 9’s, shorts, sweatshirt like they call me earl
-ly up in the morning to prepare for the performing
guaranteed to bring the heat, you know we’re out scoring
[dee gunnz]
i kind of despise the game, respect gms and owners
and me and cee been watching, contemplating dethroning
loving the music but, we never fall in love
probably could fit my shoes, could never walk in them
the flow is in my genes but i don’t talk denim
never levi’s, i’m rocking true religion
see you later alligator on my collar shirt
horseshoe on my pants now my n-gga that’s a lot of work
[dee gunnz]
standing strong in this war, f-ck any suggestions
cause ya’ll ain’t really fighting like monday night wrestling
fake altercations and accusations of rapid hating
r.e.a.l music nation is dictating and shaking pavements
[dee gunnz]
rm is blazing and focused on stimulating amazing
the bar we raising and chasing cravings of taking places
[dee gunnz]
work hard (no excuses)
pouring ciroc and ice (in my cup of creative juices)