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radiant children – poke bowl lyrics


it ain’t easy being breezy
it ain’t easy being sensitive
i’m not who i said i is

it’s not what it looks like
ain’t easy being so psych-o
you already know
’bout to throw ice at the wall
just to watch it break
i could get in to a brawl
with myself and maybe you too
i act like i don’t need you, but
i lie, i lie, i lie, i’m a liar
and an ugly crier
spitting out my pacifier
now you’re gone, gone, gone
said i’m up in the kitchen
listening to sad songs
hoping that you won’t be gone too long
i want you to come back, come back, come back, come back home to me
so tell me what i’m gonna do if i can’t lay with you
i only find the words to say each time you walk away
it’s like i’m going through withdrawals
even got the shakes
but i can’t blame you at all
i’ll rewind it, take it right back
you know i’m still young like that
ooh wee, ooh wee ooh, ooh-wee ooh-wee
all my chances i blewy
and now my eyes are getting dewy