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radiohead – the daily mail lyrics


“the daily mail”

the moonies are up on a mountain
the lunatics have taken
over the asylum
waiting on the rapture

singing: “we’re here
to keep your prices down
feed you to the hounds
to the ‘daily mail’
together, together.”

you made a pig’s ear
you made a mistake
paid off security
and got through the gate
you got away with it
but we lie in wait

hey, hey, hey…

where’s the truth?
what’s the use
in hang around?
lost and found

with your head
in the sand
fat chance
no plan

no regard
for human life
keep time
you’ve no right

fastened, loose
you win and lose
jump the queue
go back again

for life
love of all
the flies in the sky

the beasts of the earth
the fish in the sea
have lost command

huh, huh, huh…

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