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ralph mctell – after rain lyrics


come on now and dry your eyes
time will ease away the pain
clouds disperse and show the clear skies
the earth smells sweeter after rain

there has never been a deluge
that could wash out every stain
in cracked pavements weeds find refuge
earth smells sweeter after rain

the world is vast, but pain’s horizon
wrapped around us makes it small
if you break out of this prison
depending where the teardrops fall

out of barrenness renewal
hope is just a tiny grain
irony is often cruel
earth smells sweeter after rain

debris left where floods receded
was surely bound to cause you pain
just ignore all that’s not needed
earth smells sweeter after rain

sadness is a poor heart teacher
you’re not alone we’re all the same
running down the road to meet her
palace gate or factory lane
joy is not to one confined
neither then is grief and pain
water only draws the line
and earth smells sweeter after rain