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ramirez – ripped off my wings & halo lyrics


[verse 1]
die by the grave, carried by the 6
kendrick came through with an extended clip
roll through your block
give me all your sh-t
ruby rose up and he took your soul quick
$crim with the action
swing on that b-tch
decapitate a body never slip
f-ck what you talking about
run through a suckers house
taking the jewels
and the money is what i’m about
i done rose up from the grave
died in the morning came back in three days
fell from the heavens i couldn’t be saved
the wings on my back are actually really fake
burn up the church and slip on the ashes
i’ll p-ss on your tomb just to feel like it’s magic
i’ll catch you in traffic
i’m bringing in havoc
you running your mouth
and you can’t turn to static
sh-t get dramatic don’t you get it twisted
i’m moving in silence and never caught slipping
i came from the bottom
i never lose vision
ramirez that sh-t boy you better be k!lling
i’m gifted and f-cking the game
doing my thing
smoking my dro and i’m switching the lane
came out ’bout to flame

[outro: sample]
“y’all n-ggas hurry up
go in there, book them n-ggas and get the f-ck out and don’t be playin’
dog? caine? you hear what i’m sayin’?
k!ll them n-ggas and get the f-ck back
so we can stab out
i’m gonna be chillin’ right here.”