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ramsey – stress lyrics



i’ve been tryna make right
2 wrongs don’t make no right
girl you know i hate to fight
i see you on sight
girl you stressing me
stress, stress
girl you stressing me


tell me that i have to wait
i can put in working the whole day
i got too many things on the way
i don’t get it why i’m i to blame

what you started you know i gotta finish
going off and i ain’t got no limit

dreaming lucid i be timid
started off at the beginning
steady focused on the mission
i don’t talk but i listen
i’m getting better day by day
man i got no time for games
man i’m on a different wave
leaned up i move slowly

ramesy made the beat
you know me i come with heat
by myself i be free
girl you don’t have to leave
every song issa a heat
making 10 songs in a week