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rapt fm (site) – the launch lyrics


[johnny gigantic] is blasting off bout to launch like astronauts
mastered alpha now we master beta like we whackin’ off
i used to write my raps on a napkin
when i wasn’t napping in my college cl-ss ask asher roth
our reputation verified like annotations
international rapping application that’s called where you can rap with friends
the boss about to break it down let me p-ss it off

p-ss it off like maravich p-ss the rock i’m legit
b-st-rd with the thoughts sebastian bach when i spit
boom bap, bootstrap, steve jobs stilo
see me cc’ed it’s the c to the e o
check, we need checks somebody invest quick
rapt bout to blow like chat roulette except less d-cks
striving for stardom you clearly living in fear
started at start up weekend now we here

[johnny gigantic]
yeah we hear like hearing aids in ya inner ear
not ya typical engineer it’s the lyrical miracle programmer
with pro grammar the bad mama jama
the type to go bananas on my grandma’s web camera
excuse my bad manners i spit when i speak
geek beating up the beat riding on a winning streak
witness me kicking frees with no admission fees
we started out it in michigan the rest is history

we gonna make history with karl malone delivery
flow splits from my opus like its moses when he split the sea
symphonies and similies for the most part, mozart
protest i’m so fresh and most aren’t
got my position with no melanin, melly mel with melody
erik be rocking it like rakim and erik b.,
t-berg about to make and break bread with the bretheren
if it ain’t’ then eff em