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ras kass – can u feel it lyrics


can you feel it

intro talk:
can i get a soul clap?
pete rock soul brother number 1
soul on ice number 2

verse 1
im mixing mango with vodka in my nutribullet
just cuz trevon couldn’t i stay hooded – way hooded
cl-ss of ’96 freshman rapper
my lil bro a trapper we consorting with flappers
‘the great gatzby’ dopest n-gg- out if you ask me
before chapelle got ripped & larry was ashy
i watch hashish turn into dabs
420 friendly; let you burn in the lab
im so concerned with the pad, pens and bars
no glamourous sh-t; besides ‘woman of the year’ got a d-ck?!
take money
gone baby gone like a stillborn
cuz i’m the future of rap – nayvadius wilburn
let me get to the point, no goal tending
with no f-cks given! cuz i’m a rider i love women
tryna meet lana del rey & climax inside her
then whisper in her ear… “hail hydra!”

chorus: do you see what i see; do you see what i see, do you hear what i hear; do you hear what i hear
hook: roll a lil’ something, pour out some liquor; let it take effect and the results come quicker
can you feel it?
the results come quicker
can you feel it?
the results come quicker

verse 2
too many n-gg-s auto-tuning singing the whole verse
thought that was what the hook was for – y’all need to soul search
even got on tv wearing his ho skirt to win
are you the type to be bis-xual just to fit in?!
in the end – i’m 11 on a scale of 1 to 10
i spit – transcending whatever trends
i’m lit – you ain’t knowing then n-gg- go ask a friend
(it’s the task of a match i will strike again)
right on god, anything less would be uncivilized
you’re still a n-z- if you sympathize
the revolution won’t be televised just 15 seconds snapchats
gats in mcm backpacks
stack a billion before netflix & chillin’
children of the corn; watch my p-rn from the mirrored ceiling
gl-ss sweat: the ice melt the jamo and ginger
i creep like a m-th-f-cking ninja