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reachingnova & teemonee – fusion lyrics


[verse 1: reachingnova]
honey in love and we only met once
one life, so f+ck it i don’t regret nothing
weigh all this pressure it probly weigh a ton
catalogs growing it’s one h+ll of a run
good on my word so consider it done
you don’t grind
so of course you consider this luck
n+ggas always spectate on the side of the court
go and brag about some sh+t they could hardly afford
feel my presence very moment i enter the door
the truth’s the truth dog
no one cares what you thought
plus that version of your story’s extremely distorted
wouldn’t grab that sh+t on sale
can’t believe they bought it
said you keep ya sh+t buck
but it’s only a quarter
tell the waitress what‘s your order
i’ll handle the total
gotta keep it on the low
talking out is a no no
only child i was raised
so i’m used to the solo
rather gather close ones and make it a coro
joey styles nova, we k!llin in soho
klmg fam so i’m brothers with doza
not only born in flames but the phoenix who rose up
bless the concrete then proceed with the pour up
if you ain’t from where like i’m from
that’s for people whose fallen
dark liquor and my old ways are suddenly calling
i never self proclaim mane
you just know when you’re chosen, aye

[verse 2: teemonee]
who’s good at math?
f+ck it, i’m back in my bag
crib like a bachelor pad
as a matter of fact
i’m keeping the wall to my back
i ain’t got time to get stabbed
i whipped the bimmer to the lab
n+ggas mad, sh+t is sad
we focused on what i have
godd+mn that was fast
gotta leave em in the past
new drip, i gotta swag
trophies gotta get grabbed
the hating sh+t gettin flagged
godd+mn that’s a fact
godd+mn that’s a
godd+mn that’s a fact
name ringing through the grapevine
i’m still curving b+tches on the facetime
money calling on the mainline
i’m burning dead men like a hate crime
many moves made in the daytime
f+ck a middle man
f+ck a wait time
when i need mine
ima take mine
to become a legend had to take time