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red light sting – we put the hot tub in the back lyrics


baby whats wrong with youwhats on your mind
why’d you forget thing ___ for me
f-ck it
bow down
we had set places
lets kiss
let go
oh no
we’re not
(more stuff i don’t know)
she may take me for a fool
i just need to forget somethings
im afraid that i’ll f-ck up
this time if i don’t keep my feet on the ground
to the left

to the left
to the left
to the left
oh i can enjoy myself tonight
my feet are tired from dancing up to all these girls
they mean nothing to me
i know this isn’t healthy
i looked at you for 20 minutes
try to make you jealous
you don’t notice me
so i take her home
feel her up
and im feeling empty
dancing till the break of dawn
and we crawl into our beds at morning
and we do it over again