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reggae cowboys – jed lyrics


jed is an angry man
law and order dont mean a d-mn
life is cheap. his temper is quick
dont take much to make him flip
life was hard without a dad
mama tried hard but the hood was bad
thought he was cool, drop out of school
started running around with the fools
doing the stick up
shooting the sh-t up
lets just say jed is a screw up
his mind is made up
better wake up
or it might be life in the lock up
jed is crazy. jed is vile
his code name is suicide
before he was 16, still a child
his rap sheet was as long as a mile
you could say hes got masters in crime
his face is heading for prime time
h-ll get the part, he had an early start
oh how hes breaking mamas heart
chorus (two times)
one cold night, it all went wrong
far from the hood on the outskirts of town
pulled a stickup, he held the gun
a shot rang out, a man went down
chorus (two times)
jed will be gone for years
confirming all his mamas fears
the verdict was reached. the sentence was read
jed stood up and hung his head
no change for reform. he traded his freedom
oh thats the life that he led
to the devil he sold his soul
life without parole
la—-a—-life without parole
la—-a—-life without parole