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rehab – #1 lyrics



all i ever wanted
was to be excited
about right now
we all wanna be number 1
all i ever wanted
was to be excited
about right now
we all wanna be number 1
we all wanna be number 1

when i said goodbye
she has a tear in her eye
i’m like momma don’t cry
your little boy got to fly
they say up in n.y.
i swear it’s going down
and i’m gonna have a million dollars
when i get back in town

she said “you’re just going through a phase
can’t this be a hobby?”
i said “my friends say i’m dope,
even charlie & robbie”
we said our goodbyes
and i boarded the plane
i was looking out the window
at the wings as it rained

we taxied to the runway
i could hear the engine howling
thew a prayer up in the air
and felt the world escape the ground
the buildings, the cars
and the towns were small as ants
i was destined for the unknown
just lookin for a chance


we landed at laguardia
i grabbed my bags and stepped
into the cold, the snow was falling
i lit a cigarette
there was a million yellow taxis
everybody seemed upset
a rugged voice from behind me
asked me “where you tryin to get?”
i said “the closest motel,
but no tellin tomorrow”
he said “you must be from atlanta”
i said “georgia, how did you know?”
“i could tell from your accent
that you were from the south”
threw my luggage in the trunk
he said “get it” and we pulled out

into the sirens and the honking h-rns
the hustle and the bustle
and the traffic that’s when he said
“welcome to the jungle”
i looked up at all the buildings
until we got to the mot-
before we left he said “i hope you find
what you’re lookin for”


then a 19 yr old kid
in a motel room in new york
dug his cellie out his pocket
called his parents to report
he was alive and doin well and doin fine
when he got off the phone
he sat down on the corner of the bed
all alone

with the tv on the volume mute
he grabbed his pen and pad
and jotted down ideas about some things
that he wanted so bad
that he would risk it all to get ’em
and it wasn’t very long
he was asleep and right beside him
laid the lyrics to a song called

[chorus x2]



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