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remarkeyable – peppa pig and george pig – rap battle lyrics


[intro: george pig]
y’all know who it is
i’m tired of being treated like a baby
i’m two years old
that’s like a quarter of my lifespan, yo
i hope y’all ready
here it goes

[verse 1: george pig]
sorry sis, but you first on the list
you jumpin’ in mud and you got me p-ssed
and now you gettin’ lost in the mist
of my skill, and you prolly get woozy
when you hang out with that sheep named suzy
cause you playin’ with her sub-machine uzi
yup, and i got more to say about sue
she think she a nurse, but that ain’t true
she ain’t that character who says “moo”
yeah, sue seems shady, her plans i will foil
she holdin’ an owl, tryna be doyle
that sheep look more like gregory goyle
well sis, this turned out strange (woo!)
i talked more ’bout your friend than you
oh well, guess i’ll save those bars for verse two

[verse 2: peppa pig]
nope, lil’ bro, i’m hijackin’ ya verse
you talkin’ ’bout my friends? ha
your only pal is peach-nosed bunny
and his ears look pretty d-mn funny
that friend o’ yours might claim to be rich
but i got way more washingtons than that d-ck
you say you already a fourth of the way through
but you act like a baby saying “goo goo”
tell me, if you don’t want to be treated like a baby
why’d you cry like one when yo stuffed toy was lost in a tree?
you’re so dumb, you prolly take advice from a magic 8 ball
you’re so childish, you take yo dinosaur and say “rawr”
so listen here, brother
i’m a swaggy pig and the best stunter
now, next time you diss, remember this
your rhymes are as bad as—

[interlude: mummy pig]
children! stop fighting!
i was just trying to have my…
daddy pig! daddy pig!!
that’s my chocolate cake!!
well, i didn’t want to have to do this, but…