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reverie – trains go fast lyrics


i think i got about an hour & a half
till my grandmother gets back to her pad
so i gotta make this fast
i had a lot on my mind lately
honestly, that’s nothing different
unusual, contrastive, disparate, conflicting
in fact, my mind is always racing, 7 days of the week
all hours of the day, & when i’m blazing
& even when i’m on break beats & rhymes’ radio station
& takin trains to foreign places
& -n-lyzing actions rather than faces
& when i’m trying my best to literally not go crazy
my objective is not a mercedes
the older i get, the less respect
i have for name brands’ illusion of luxury
i’m learning, don’t try to f-ck with me
been studying psychology
& maybe that’s why the part of me
that always makes me sad has no problem tryna swallow me & follow me-
cuz i see the best & the worst in everything
i don’t rap about my problems for sympathy- don’t try to comfort me
we’d have absolutely no contact at all if it were up to me
so don’t wolf at me with that f-ckery
you want drama? b-tch, don’t come to me
yo, if anything at all, pucker up & you could suck the “v” !
you can’t f-ck with the st–ze. i stay stuck in the breeze
i’m unparalleled, freestylin’ circles around you like a carousel
take care of yaself cuz this world is full of surprises
& know that anything you think is real is more than what you’re realizing- i promise

you better hop up on that train & don’t you look back
cuz living in the past could throw you off the tracks 2x

see, i study on this planet
i really never know what is for real where i’m standing
all i’ve ever known to be fact has
been proven to be at least partially wrong to me, haunted me
i do trip out how change inevitably roots from questioning-
especially technology. 2014 looking like 1984 to me
cameras in every room, poison all up in our food-
genetically modified- but not perfected
we nothing more than experiments, kid
cl-ssrooms filled up with asbestus
does this impressive female got you fl-stered busta?
thinking caps on, cl-sss in session. complex in
more than the average savage carrying h-lla baggage & minimal cabbage
set to do damage. so where you at, b-tch!?
estamos pasando tamales que la abuelita de estefania hizo
looking at people sleeping on the piso
& even little ninos & ninas with manners, & potential
& unfair, undeserved stress on her mental
so i made sure to be gentle as i addressed her
“good morning, would you like some champurado?”
her mother grabbed her mano
it was so beautiful, their rapport was mutual, their love was irrefutable
i was inspired. lately my desires have shifted
i’ve acquired this position of being the f-cken change & not just talking about it
cuz i’m sick of waiting for it. cuz i feel that it’s important
cuz every time i speak my mind i feel like i’m opening h-lla doors & i’m exploring
new possibilities. i’m spreading my philosophies overseas
this is more than just fame to me, this is change to me
this is my attempt to positively impact the world & at the same time be myself-
but how can i “be perfect” if i’m just now
finding out who i am, why i stay where i stand?
d-mn, i swear every year that i get older i feel younger, i’m more curious, i’m wiser, more furious
realize your reality is positively temporary. open your mind up, i know it’s scary
but once you embrace it, you’ll keep learning just to change it
this is me at 24, so don’t take me too serious
i’m an old soul with a new mind, so in due time- imma get to prove mine (mine)!

you better hop up on that train & don’t you look back
cuz living in the past could throw you off the tracks 4x